...hasn't tried to catch up on two months of posts.

In early October half my company got laid off after an internal board-level coup. I still have anger over this.

In the end of October I got mugged. The biggest side-effect of which is data-loss (my frustration with the various cloud services "helpfulness" in merging data means I hadn't recently backed up my phone to anything other than my work laptop... which was also stolen. Oops.) So, if you think I have your address and phone number, you may be incorrect. If you would like me to have this info (giving me an address results in a chance at an illegible holiday card) please email me: estro at the domain name surrealityinc.com.

Heh, shortly before the mugging I discovered I accidentally had collected a sizeable collection of dog and cat butt pictures (I only realized this when I went to look for a non-personal image to attach to an email and those were all I could find. I am not actually a BOFH type IT person... but developers occasionally earned a fuzzy butt pic for their issues. I have some regrets that this carefully curated collection is lost.



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