I am having doubts we are ever going get Torben out of our bed. While this is fine now, and I find it comforting, it is going to be notably problematic in about 5 months (we have a back-up model due in July). We have a king bed, but since toddlers are like cats in their ability to take up most of the bed I am not sure there will be room for all of us.

We have made attempts to convince him he wants his own "big-boy" bed but he's really not having it. We have gone to Ikea to have him pick out a bed; the little bugger even happily played "night-night" in all of them, but didn't want any of them as his own. We have even tried working the competitive angle with pointing out all of his age-mates who sleep on their own. I don't know that pity or scorn are in his emotional lexicon yet, but his non-verbal responses read as some toddlery version of "what chumps".

He goes to bed relatively easily in strange places (camping, motels, in his wagon while hanging out late at a local friend's house) so a trivial change like a new bed should be no problem...but his reliably staying asleep for longer durations or getting him calmed again after a night-terror seems to require his being able to touch one of us. And he is very opposed to the idea.

Ah well. At least while he still sleeps with us we can continue to procrastinate on a bunch of childproofing stuff.

*he drools pretty much constantly while awake. This doesn't appear to be a developmental or physiological issue, and he will "swallow his slobber" if you remind him, but he soaks through shirts constantly.



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