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( Mar. 14th, 2017 09:58 pm)
Pretty much every pie-day I am surprised to rediscover that the pies I prefer to both make and eat are generally not everyone else's favorite variety. While yes, this means more pie for me, it also means I don't get as many sharing warm num-nums from the lemon chess pie as I would have had I made a pecan pie (I had duck-eggs, making a custard-based pie was not optional).

Heh, I also have to hide the slight disappointment I feel for my coworkers when they get really excited about something like a chocolate pudding pie. (I miss my French former coworker who would bring this amazing dark chocolate tortes and then call out people for their plebeian tastes when the banana & 'Nilla pie disappeared first. He pretty much said what I was thinking, except in an amazingly twee accent.)



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