About two weeks ago the sprog had surgery on his hand to remove the spare, dangly, not quite a finger nubbin (write error) and separate the webbed fingers (family trait). The full arm cast is really inconvenient, though after a few days he pretty much acclimated to it. (That first day though, so much pathos as he had to learn to navigate things like playing with legos one handed)

Acclimated might be an understatement. That he has decided that having a full arm cast is more or less irrelevant to most activities is probably closer to accurate. Earlier this week he wanted to ride his bike. "Little dude, you have a cast on, I don't think that is going to work." "I have a hand!" We vetoed it anyway.

We did take him to circus class today because he really loves it. There was a small set of things he couldn't do because of the cast but somersaults and swinging from the trapeze were not in it.




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