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([personal profile] estro Jun. 15th, 2021 12:01 am)
I am still pretty peeved about the external events that led to my friends-locking most of my back entries, but not enough to lock most of my current posts. That being said, If I know you, I will probably return add you. If you have an interesting journal, I may return add-you. If I don't know you, but should, comment here and I will consider it. :}

On my friends-list or no, rational or reasonably thought-provoking responses to any of my open posts are welcome. Being civil is a requirement.

(Really, my open content isn't that interesting or incriminating of any party than myself. To make drama out of it requires incredibly immature ass-hattery. Given this, I am sure all the other parties involved truly deserve each other.)

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It's Lyssa, friend of Raven. We've spoke via email recently and I'd love to read whatever you feel like sharing. (I am also working on updating more and hope to be somewhat more interesting.)

Hope things are going well!


From: (Anonymous)

Hey Estro!

Congrats on the wee one!
Get thyself on facebook (where we're all talkin about you =)

From: [identity profile]

Re: Hey Estro!

Yay Vivs! Alas, signing up for Facebook isn't gonna happen. The regular privacy problems, real-name thing, and other issues are enough of a deterrent; that my mom is on there makes it somewhat socially hazardous. :}

Twitter has (sadly) become my primary mass-social communication mode (same username as here), and I read LJ regularly though haven't posted much in a god's age.

Email? (Though I am not a prompt responder) is the domain name, estro is the user.



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