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Since 10/31/15:

List new to me recipes (and a handful of made up as I go recipes):

  • Alphabet soup, a kludge. Used tiny chuncks of tofu marinated in veggie oyster sauce, soy, and miso as the protein element. The rest was the standard veggie broth with kale ribbons, misc tubers, onions, and a bell pepper.

  • Mushroom broccoli quinoa casserole Also known as looking up recipes on the internet based on what needs to be used before it expires. While it is essentially a mac & cheese with quinoa instead of mac, it was sufficiently tasty to repeat as a single dish dinner.

  • Beet, kale, and quinoa salad from Thug Kitchen.

  • Tartine's pumpkin pie

  • Ermine icing with bourbon. This was a kludge that didn't go so well. It was tasty, but I suspect I didn't get the boiled milk part thick enough.

  • ( A buttermilk pound cake) from Bake it Like You Mean It

  • Butterscotch pie - First Prize Pies (This one had a brisket spilled in it, so did not get to experience it as a pie).

  • Butterscotch Pie with Marshmallow Thyme Meringue - Homemade Decadence

  • Ginger Pennies - Rose's Christmas Cookies

  • Brownies - Tartine

  • Jumble - Roses Christmas Cookies>
  • Bourbon Spike Russian Tea

  • Chicken Cacciatore - Art of the slow cooker

  • jerk chicken

  • cranberry sauce

  • blackberry lemon ginger



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