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([personal profile] estro Sep. 6th, 2016 05:34 pm)
...maybe if I keep it in short little thoughts I will get them out instead of hoping to get a long form exploration of any one thing and then just not doing it.

Things that have happened in the last few months (not an ordered list):

I turned 40.

Managed to get the sprog in a kayak several times this summer, each with a slightly longer duration and more enthusiasm.

He is a bit bike crazy, so, even though he is not yet two we got him a balance bike. While he still isn't great at it, is kinda amazing to see how much he improves each session. (half an hour, once or twice a week we take him out on a toddle around the apartment halls. Day one involved a lot of carrying or dragging it. Day two was occasionally straddle-toddling, but no steering, so he would run into a wall, get off, drag the bike back to the center of the hall, and start again. Since then he has gotten less frustrated with the straddle toddling, figured out that at some point his feet get tucked back (this is for the eventual balance part), and learned to steer. He still often just wants to walk the bike, but that now reads more as a break while figuring things out rather than giving up on trying.

I need far more exercise than I am getting, but I don't see that changing until we figure out hot to get the little bugger to sleep through the night. We totally failed at any form of sleep training, including quitting the co-sleeping thing. The trying to wean him thing isn't going well either. The latter is mostly my fault as a boob in the mouth seems to fix most problems and I am reluctant to give up that tool. Even when I am tired, sore, and near tears with needing continuous sleep in the wee hours, the wailing and distress is harder to fall back asleep after than giving in and just letting him nurse.

Weekend before last we went to the SPCA adopt-a-thon. There was a likely dog that got adopted before we swung back around to ask about. Heh, and the dog I totally crushed on was absolutely not fit for our lifestyle: Only 5.5 months old and already lab-sized, a Rottie/GSD mix aptly named Titan. Maybe if we lived on a ranch and not in a small urban apartment and if we both didn't have full time jobs. When expressing this regret, his handler said "and you have a toddler", I said our toddler was probably on the same growth plan as Titan so not as much of a worry given how easy going Titan already was with him.

This weekend was camping with friends of ours who have a 15 month old daughter and a largish group from a electronic music community they are part of. (Vault toilets and only one water spigot, no cell service... but full DJ set up.) Apparently the camp down the road referred to us as the oontz-oontz people. While I am not nearly as much of a music-head as the others, and not inclined toward recreational drug use, we felt welcome and had a great time. I am double-plus happy that the introvert gent also felt completely comfortable and accepted.

Everyone at the camp made at least one attempt to explain to the sprog that the plastic pink flamingo was not a duck to no avail.

We try not to helicopter parent, but this weekend I couldn't help but hover a bit as the sprog was running with my toothbrush in his mouth and carrying tent stakes point up. He completed his self determined mission with his soft-palate intact, no puncture wounds, and my toothbrush surprisingly dirt free. His wasp bite incident was a bit more dramatic, but that distress was also fortunately short lived (and thankfully lacking in allergic reactions).

Camping in summer for me is always a reminder how much I prefer being out-doors in late autumn or winter. No matter how often I feel like I have applied sunblock, I some how end up slightly burnt. My energy for things like hiking, already low from general lack of sleep, is completely eaten by the heat. Also, sleeping in is easier when the sun doesn't rise so %$&*# early.

I really should sell my car, but keep balking because I don't know how to do so in a way that I feel like I am maximizing my returns (I have never sold a car before, common advice is that one should never go through a dealer, but selling it on my own seems like too much work). This is especially dumb to procrastinate on because each month of just insurance and parking of a car I rarely use is a $350 waste ^H^H^H^H^H indulgence (the car is orange, manual, and all wheel drive. It represents a whole lot of adventure potential including a wish to drive Cottonwood Canyon Road in a more appropriate vehicle than last time.)

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I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering what you were up to.

Stride bikes are great. People I know whose kids have used them, end up having a lot of difficulty converting the kids to pedal bikes because they've gotten so good at the striders they don't want a new learning curve. The earlier you try for a transition, the easier, seems to be the general opinion.

We often refer to the oompz oompz music as boots and pants, because it sounds like BootsnpantsBootsnpantsBootsnpants to our ears.

I'm glad the wasp sting wasn't worse. That's a much bigger potential problem out in the back of beyond than falling on a tent stake.

If you sell the car to a dealer two months faster than you'd sell it on craigslist, that's worth quite a bit of a discount. Plus you don't have to deal with weirdos showing up at your house and potentially crashing or stealing your car or doing the normal stupid crap craigslist people do of saying "well I know you said you wanted $5400 but I only brought $4000..."
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From: [personal profile] ivy

It's awesome to hear from you! I'm glad that things are generally good. (And I sympathize on the desire for a large dog in conjunction with a lifestyle that doesn't support one, heh. When I was looking at service dogs, everything that would travel with me would be small, and all the dogs I like are bigger.

From: [identity profile]

happy 40th! and i'm glad that things sound good.

would love to see you and the gent and the sprog.





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