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([personal profile] estro Mar. 14th, 2017 09:58 pm)
Pretty much every pie-day I am surprised to rediscover that the pies I prefer to both make and eat are generally not everyone else's favorite variety. While yes, this means more pie for me, it also means I don't get as many sharing warm num-nums from the lemon chess pie as I would have had I made a pecan pie (I had duck-eggs, making a custard-based pie was not optional).

Heh, I also have to hide the slight disappointment I feel for my coworkers when they get really excited about something like a chocolate pudding pie. (I miss my French former coworker who would bring this amazing dark chocolate tortes and then call out people for their plebeian tastes when the banana & 'Nilla pie disappeared first. He pretty much said what I was thinking, except in an amazingly twee accent.)

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I took the bog-stock white cake into work, where it vanished, because nobody was going to touch it at our party.

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Google wasn't helpful...

What is a bog-stock white cake? I am guessing this is just version of the idiom "bog standard", but if this is not what the baby-shower cake (as mentioned by [ profile] manintheboat) does whatever it is qualify taxonomically as a pie (like cheesecake and quiche)?

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Re: Google wasn't helpful...

I meant bog-standard. I got in a hurry typing that. It was very definitely cake not pie.
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Shame; I am a heathen. I don't like fancy buttery caramel; I like Kraft caramels. I don't like dark chocolate at all; I tried. I don't even like most pies; I don't understand fruit pies, pretty much. Eating the fruit itself is way better.

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Ages ago I went to a giant Cake vs. Pie birthday party (if you ever get the opportunity to pie a friend, it was unexpectedly gratifying. :} ). Somewhen well into the evening a voice vote was taken on which was superior cake or pie.

To my surprise (and disappointment) cake won by several decibels, so clearly people who aren't big fans of pie when given the option are in the majority. The uh... less than sober discussion following this posited that cake in general had a better texture and mouth-feel. Again, I am clearly not in the majority as, while i like cake, it usually feels like under-flavored and insubstantial bread held together with sugar paste.

Your self-identity as heathen aside, I am not sure your tastes are unusual. :}
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Just as I like crappy caramel, I also like box cake and cheap sugary icing way better than I like rich buttercream icing or dense cakes. I still have the dessert palate that I did when I was six years old. (Double bonus if it's brightly colored neon. Not touching it with a ten foot pole if it has salt on it; desserts are not salty, ew. That whole Northwest salted caramel thing is a conspiracy in my favor to help me keep my blood sugar in check by ruining the appetizingness of potential desserts, heh.)

So, pie vs. cake is all down to what kind of pie and what kind of cake. My favorite cake is more preferred to my favorite pie, though. (And unsurprisingly, cheating on my diet to a greater degree, heh.)



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