New bike (well, trike) finally showed up! The apartment is full of parts as we get ready to assemble it. This is not a process that is made easier by a very excited toddler wanting to be helpful.

I am thoroughly delighted that they used Van Moof's package labeling idea though there was enough bubble wrap on the outside that it probably didn't make a difference.

Okay, back to reading instructions for assembly.

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Here it is in our entrance hall of already dubious navigability. No action shots yet as we need it both to not be the middle of the night and not be raining before tuning it. Also, we haven't tested to see how easily it can be brought in and out of the apartment, though we are pretty sure the bucket will have to be removed to fit in the elevator.

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How much weight can you put in the bucket before the back wheel comes up?

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From the manual: "Total load in Cargo Compartment: 70 Kg / 154 lbs., including load on top"

The bike body itself is far heavier than I expected, so I am not so worried about front loading being an issue. It is not obvious from the picture but the dark-grey part of the bucket is heavy duty fabric, as to make it collapsable for more compact storage.

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Man, that is SWANK! Nice hardware. I salute your ambition.



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