Though slower than the BigAssCruiser (which was not exactly a performance vehicle, either) Torben is also happy with this one. Michael enjoys riding it more than I do, but some of that may just be because my two wheeled biking habits are much more engrained.

After a few loops of the a pedestrian path and local parking lot we took it on its maiden voyage to the bike store. As almost every connection is quick-release, U and cable locks were an almost urgent first purchase. A second (and far less practical purchase) may be POV wheel lights as I am really hoping that one of the next East Bay Bike Party Rides will follow a sufficiently nearby route. (It is a very tight fit through our front door and it does fit in one of the building elevators without having to remove is still enormous and I have doubts about it ever taking it on BART).



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Man, that looks great. I'm sorry it's such a logistical issue moving it around.
POV's would be fabulous.

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April ride route, which should be this Friday, hasn't been posted on the web page yet. (and Facebook requires a login to view their page there.)



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