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Three or four years ago around this time, Michael and I did a day trip to Yosemite from his then-home in Folsom. At that point it had probably been a decade since I had done any springtime driving outside of the urban bay area and I had forgotten that the California landscape actually turns green during for a brief window in spring.

The weekend before last I got another reminder as we took a trip to introduce the sprog to the snow. After all the rain we’ve had (and are still having) the only parts of the scenery that were not bogglingly green were instead brilliant yellow (mostly mustard), orange (mostly poppies), or blue (mostly lupine). And those flowers aren’t even part of the superbloom that is slowly working its way up the state.

Excluding the part of the trip that involved snow, it was a wonderful weekend getaway, even with everything being slightly soggy: Lots of time spent in playgrounds in twee former mining towns and looking for historic markers. (The quaint bed and breakfast/boutique towns normally aren’t my thing, but all of Calaveras county hams up the frog motif so I am instead kinda endeared.)

The part of the trip that had snow, at most 4 hours of it, were not quire so delightful: we learned that Torben doesn’t like snow. Really, absolutely hates snow. First we stopped by Big Trees State Park with the intent of wearing him out so he would nap in the car during the hour drive to a snow park. Normally around now Big Trees is below the snowline and open for hikes. This year all but a short loop were still closed and it was beginning to snow when we got there. There was already an inch or so accumulated when we got out of the car. Torben was not impressed: not only was it cold, this wet white stuff was getting all over his new snow-boots and sticking to his mittens. Despite this early sign of displeasure, we decided to double down and take him up to 6700 feet where not only was the snow really coming down, but it is deep enough to stick around well into the summer. (Yay! While the drought is not undone (due to the severe damage we have done to the central valley's water table) this is sorely needed).

At the snow park we were outside for at most 15 minutes; all of it misery for the child. Michael was sure that the fun of sledding would overcome Torben's unhappiness of being bundled up and forced into a world of cold mushy stuff so we gave it a try (it was a reasonable expectation). He towed Torben up a short, gentle hill (with said sprog laying on his back in the sled, arms in the air like a dead bug, and whimpering the whole way), sat him up and asked him if he wanted to sled down to mommy. At this point Torben started crying. Michael talked to him a bit more and he stopped crying, resigned to his sledding fate. Michael gave him a gentle push and he came flying down the hill on the sled, whizzing past me into a snowdrift… and then the tears really began. He was on his back, covered in snow, and had no real mobility. I ran over picked him up, dusted him off, and started the comforting as Michael ran down the hill. Michael then carried him back to the car, apologizing the whole way. Once in the car and out of the bulky snowsuit (he insisted the new boots had to be put back on though) Torben calmed down and was back to cheerful once he was assured that we were going to leave the snow.

We still felt like horrible parents. Ah well, lesson learned; we will wait a few years before we try again.
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Yay rain! and snow! Though I share Torben's antipathy to the cold wet stuff, generally. Poor little guy.
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From: [personal profile] ivy

Ahahaha. Poor kid. I hated it too... can't blame him. (Though I hasten to say, you are not horrible parents! Plenty of kids like it -- my brother did!)
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