...but the "we have had soooo much snow" is actually provoking a bit of embitterment:

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( Mar. 18th, 2015 10:50 pm)
This is copied close to verbatim from my email to a friend who asked how things were in sprog-world:

So when people tell you parenthood is awesome, it is because we have been neuro-chemically rewired to enjoy the experience (sorta like a morphine drip: It isn't that you aren't feeling the pain, just that you don't care about it).

I am pretty damned pleased with sprog-world, not only because of the above rewiring, but because it was something I have always known I wanted and have finally managed to do (though I will say my plans to be a single mom before I met the gent were, in hindsight, pretty insane. At least for the newborn window).

In many ways parenting is like a big-art project (except with fewer committee meetings and a lifelong commitment): Lots of often frustrating work that you try and squeeze employment, personal interests, and hobbies around. It is the triumphs that make the lifestyle hit worth it to you (while people who don't have the same bent are all "WTF? You spent 12 hours of your Saturday failing to get solenoids to do what you wanted? WHY?!?!?")

I think managing contented parenthood involves figuring out how to keep doing the things that are really important to you, being graceful about giving up spontaneity, and accepting that you don't get to keep the pre-kid lifestyle you were accustomed to. For some folks this his harder/costlier than for others.

Heh, also, I think a well developed scatalogial sense of humor is a must. I swear, babies are the embodiment of all bodily function practical jokes*.

All of the above being said, ask me again in a year, I may have changed my opinion.

*Also, we are like twelve so any audible flatulence is blamed on the child, even if he not in the same room.
...but baby got his first tutu and I made king cake.

Though eating sugar drenched sweet-bread right before bed wasn't my best plan. Ooops.
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( Apr. 19th, 2013 02:53 pm)
There is an urban-legend that takes place in San Francisco (or maybe Malibu) while in black-out mode one night during WWII (mandatory all-lights-off as to make the city difficult to bomb by the Japanese. Japanse planes never really came anywhere near the mainland, but it was a wartime thing that got done).

In this myth there was this one house facing the ocean that would occasionally flash a light on and off. So police were sent to arrest these traitors signaling to the enemy out on the waters. Rather than saboteurs, the police found that the rather fancy house was full of drunken, naked folks, and a full blown orgy was going on (after, all when a city is blacked out, what else is there to do?).

The signal light? The 'fridge light* every time someone went to get another beer.

Boston friends... I hope you are making the most of your lockdown while the rest of us have no excuse not to be at work. I will imagine you all naked and brunching. (and be very glad you are all safe and sound)

*which gives lie to the story as I don't think 1940's refrigerators had lights
I know one should never read the comments after a news article as it is on a very rare occasion that they aren't inane or full of asinine vitriol. Unfortunately, as the comments are usually displayed directly beneath the article, I frequently read a few of them.

Today one of those accidentally read comments (as spite-filled as one would expect about a sad story about death due to poor planning) came in really useful.

The article in question reported the death of a man who had gone off-roading in the snow with his girlfriend in his new jeep somewhere in the Sierras. They got mired, and he went to find help. She later followed, crawling past his body on her attempt to reach the highway. She was hospitalized and survived what was intended to be an afternoon jaunt.

One of the top comments went on at length about how idiots like that are better off dead and really, it isn't that hard to unstick oneself from a snow bank if one just keeps a few towels in trunk.

Today, while coming out of Sequoia National park we passed a SUV floundered in the snow bank at the side of the road. True enough, a towel tucked under each of the dug-in wheels had the vehicle backed out of the bank with only a tiny bit of pushing.

Admittedly, the towels I had packed solely in anticipation of the Travertine hot springs are now filthy and soaked, but I am inordinately pleased with myself for being able to help.
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( Mar. 19th, 2012 05:11 pm)
Vir, the little cat that I very much adored who had lived with me briefly before he found an excellent home with [livejournal.com profile] xthread passed away this morning. Whatever respiratory ailment that he contracted during the rain-before-last came back brutally this last rain, and that conflated with what looks like kitty-diabetes took him out suddenly.

I managed to make it over to the emergency vet this morning to be with he and [livejournal.com profile] xthread just before he slipped away.

I will very much miss the dorky, uniquely reality'd (read: spethial) little beast.

"Vir, on the other hand... well, it's not so much that he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as that he hasn't quite put together the fact that he's a spoon." ~Richard
Goals and achievements as described here:

Foodses made )

Books read )
So I am in Philadelphia, returning home Friday evening.

Last night my housemate calls me to ask me where I parked my car in the apartment's garage, as she can't find my car.

I don't remember which spot, but it was in our building, and she was with me when I parked the car. I even remember handing her the keys while we were still in the car as she was planning on using it to drive to work once or twice while I was out of town.

She can't find it and building management says they haven't had it towed, so I may return home on Friday to discover that my car has been stolen. So annoying.
I missed First Rain....sorta.

I was in Tahoe for the weekend on the closest thing to a for-reals vacation I have had in far too long. It rained there briefly on Saturday; flashes of lightning over the the mountains while were out in our hodge-podge flotilla of a paddle-boat*, canoe, and kayak followed by a very short and light rain while were shopping for dinner. A Raley's parking lot may not be the most numinous for a First Rain, but it is what I ended up getting.

Sunday, while Oakland was having the pavement wetted by nature for the first time in months, I was under the Sierra foothills crawling though mud in the dark.. While it wasn't as strenuous or exciting as I expected, there were genuinely enjoyable bits and my ego is pleased to have another "I did that" under my belt.

As my weekend involved both rain and appreciation of nature, I don't count it as a missed holiday despite not having had it in my home territory so Tuesday evening I had a belated celebratory (well, regretful for my neighbor who is not excited about the turn of seasons) pint at Beer Revolution.

*amazingly paddle-boats are even more inefficient than they look.
Driving a loud motorcycle through a residential neighborhood before 6am on a Sunday morning makes one inconsiderate.

Circling the neighborhood for over two hours? Pretty much defines one as an asshole.

Doing so out of patriotic self-entitlement? An American.

Thank you mister backfiring WWII era vehicle for helping me get in the right mindset for appreciating today as a day of remembrance.
The Ella Baker Center is a local organization I throw money at on the odd occasion I have some spare (or when I am feeling particularly angry that people are willing tear apart my city protesting a cop shooting a kid, but couldn't give a fuck less about the many other young black men and women killed here on a weekly basis.) is having a community service day for Oakland on Saturday, August 13th.

I have signed up for a tree planting project, which, while doesn't address youth violence issues, will hopefully make neighborhoods look less blight-ridden.
Some historic places you really have to visit to understand; Fort Sumpter is not one of those. That being said, I had to actually go to find that out and think I am going to make it a goal for the next year to visit a lot more National Parks and Monuments. (Seeing dolphins in the harbor on the way back was a nice bonus).

Some people have a night out and come back to their room with something inadvisable that keeps them up half the night. I do this too, but my impulsively chosen nocturnal companions have page counts rather than pulses. Usually it is sci-fi or fantasy novel, but this time I ended up with cookbooks. The same store that mugged me, took my wallet and left me with those also left me with Microwave Spicy BBQ Pork Rind Pellets. I am appalled that these things exist (but really need to inflict them on others).

Got into Chicago this morning and hopefully my normally beloved boss will be in an improved mindset now that we are here, but I have my doubts.
So I survived the second (of three!) of my sister-in-law's BabyShower's ®™ feeling just as appalled at the creepy consumerism* as at the first, but a little less like the weirdo that had to be invited. And while my sister-in-law didn't appreciate the vampire pacifier her family thought it was hilarious, and my brother loved the Bay Bridge onesie. Sadly, I suspect it won't actually get used as it is not pink or ruffled.

So. Much. Pink. If I ever am fortunate enough to be a mom, I am going to tell folks I am expecting a boy, no matter what I am actually carrying...unless I can get someone to give me a "The Turkey Baster's Little Princess" onesie.

I have this suspicion that my lack of concern for conformative image and affluence means I won't get much time with my niece. My do-it-yourself or get it cheap on craigslist lifestyle is in stark contrast to their pristine show-room floor household.

Speaking of households, moving is going apace. I have mostly been doing it on my own in small batches, which, given that I have till the end of the month to get everything shifted over from my dark little cave to the sunny aerie, is probably the right way to do it. I have been using a handtruck and furniture dolly to walk my household over (the apartments are 4/5 of a mile apart). Not just boxes, my furniture too. This morning a guy on a bike cheered for me as I was pushing one of my bookshelves down the street and [livejournal.com profile] ragingamazon (my new housemate) is thoroughly entertained by the sporadic appearance of new domestic items.

*for the record, I do own up to my own consumerism (How many boxes of books have I moved? I have multiples sizes of ramekins? Oh, god.... let us not discuss the mini RC helicopters...), I just find theirs a bit creepy as *everything* has to be new and matching, if it gets broken it gets thrown out rather than repaired, and there is an alarming dearth of books.
So, while pipe-dreaming about perfect pancakes, I was idly looking up surface thermometers on Amazon. Turns out that the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" list for a non-contact IR thermometer is mostly books on paranormal activity, lots of little hand-held cameras, voice recorders, and ghost meters (Amazon has 3 EMF readers marketed for ghost hunting).

Really? That is what most people purchase surface thermometers for? Not metal working or baking? So odd....
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( Apr. 20th, 2011 06:01 pm)
I was looking at IMDb's top 250 list for ideas about what non-documentaries to see if I have free access to on Amazon and it is a list clearly skewed by internet demographics. Really, if Inception is in the top 10 there is a problem. Given that Dark Knight (which I liked, but don't think should be so highly ranked) is #10 but Casablanca is #17, I am thinking maybe I shouldn't use as a source for movies I should see for personal edification.

On my list of things I should really watch at some point:
The Graduate
North by Northwest
American History X
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
A Streetcar Named Desire
Soylent Green
Rebel Without a Cause
Malcolm X

Any other suggestions?

Movies that would be on this list had I not already seen them Breakfast at Tiffany's (hated it), Casablanca, Cool Hand Luke, Starwars IV-VI, Citizen Kane, The Birds, Amelie, Schindler's List, The Matrix, 25th Hour, Apocalypse Now, Blazing Saddles...
This is really just for personal reference, and I am sure I am missing several from my youth:
Documentaries I can remember having watched )



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