estro: little blue imp (Default)
( Jun. 15th, 2021 12:01 am)
I am still pretty peeved about the external events that led to my friends-locking most of my back entries, but not enough to lock most of my current posts. That being said, If I know you, I will probably return add you. If you have an interesting journal, I may return add-you. If I don't know you, but should, comment here and I will consider it. :}

On my friends-list or no, rational or reasonably thought-provoking responses to any of my open posts are welcome. Being civil is a requirement.

(Really, my open content isn't that interesting or incriminating of any party than myself. To make drama out of it requires incredibly immature ass-hattery. Given this, I am sure all the other parties involved truly deserve each other.)



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