We managed to keep a little human alive for a full year! (And counting).

The list of things we haven't managed to do is a bit longer. It includes things like: mop more than once every few months, enable me to get to work on time more than once a week, ever have all of the clean laundry put away, make it to the climbing gym I pay membership for and is across the street from our apartment complex <sigh>, etc. etc.

This year has included visits from [livejournal.com profile] elkor and [livejournal.com profile] iridium, a few camping trips, and one attempt at taking Torben kayaking (which, to be fair, was kinda baby torture: Strap him into a PFD which he doesn't like wearing, make him sit still when he would rather be climbing about, and occasionally drip cold water on his head).

This year has also, included one ER trip for the gent (diabetic sugar crash in the middle of the night), one for Torben (only croup, but still), and two hospital stays for the gent's mother. The most recent of which started last night (and thus we have cancelled our cocktails & cake plan for tonight. I feel a bit guilty about how butt-hurt I am for not getting to make a fancy cake for Torben's first birthday.)

He has been walking for about two months and I have stopped trying to document his at least one per weekend injuries as his coordination doesn't quite match his intents. He doesn't have any words yet, but his barbaric yop game is strong (you may have to click through for the video).



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