That isn't entirely true, but last time I came home from a week in New Orleans I had bronchitis and this time I seem to have the flu. Fortunately the gent hasn't gotten it, and the sprog has had his shots so his made-of-snottedness is just normal toddler cold-stuffs. Also, importantly, [ profile] iridium & her roommate don't seem to have it, because that would be an awful parting gift to delightful hosts.


As I was writing the above a week ago, while Michael was off to pick up Torben from daycare, Michael called me to tell me that Torben had just puked all over and was really lethargic. Child's first stomach bug. Needless to say, the past week has been an unfun learning experience as I got over the tail end of my flu while our toddler spent several days vomiting frequently.

The sprog is now mostly fine again, but has gained a pickiness about food that is part punch-shyness earned over 3 days of puking regularly and part arbitrary objections as he has learned to express opinions and wants about food.

All of the things I had wanted to write about New Orleans and Mardis Gras have been washed away in floods of regurgitated orange Pedialyte. <sigh>



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